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Susan Hiller: Monument 1980-1

16th Aug 2019
IMG 4817

I was just thinking back to my first solo show of Ipseity, and to some of the exhibitions I have visited in the past that might have informed my own decision making of the show. I was reminded of Susan Hiller's Monument 1980-1 that I saw in the Tate Modern a year or so ago. The single set of headphones on the bench created a far more immersive experience for the listener but also included that listener in the installation. Newcomers to the space would consider whether the person sat listening was a part of the experience.

This informed my decision to include the chair and headphones in my showing of Ipseity, so that the listener could experience the conversation between me and my grandmother rather than reading it. I had considered using a PA system for the conversation but decided the single listener experience would be far stronger.

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